Joe began his security experience in 1989, he has held various positions and has been a recognized security instructor since 1996.

Luie also had an early start in his career beginning in 1990. He became a security instructor In 1997.

Saquan began his journey into the security training field by first becoming a

firefighter / EMT and police officer

Joe Miranda Director & Lead Trainer
Private Detective Lic # 115.002543
Private Security Contractor Lic # 119.001556
IDFPR Firearms Instructor Lic # 263.000357
Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

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Joe, Luie, and Saquan prove themselves to be the best trainers in the business with their hard work and dedication to giving you all the necessary tools needed for your training class

We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-business environment and teaching each class with personal care and consideration. We are deeply devoted to our craft and the success of our student partners. The high-quality team environment of training professionals, are qualified to successfully teach any of our certification courses. To APS, no class is too big or too small. If there is a training need, our training experts will find a solution.

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The Training Center for The Law Enforcement Professional IDFPR Lic # 102.000197

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